About Trestles

At our core, we’re a pro-people consultancy that uses smart design to solve problems, creating experiences and environments that inspire, engage and connect.

Our Ambition

No one likes to feel like a stranger. Deep down inside, whether we admit it or not, there is an undeniable desire to feel known. That’s true for people as well as organizations.

Organizations want to feel known by their communities (employees, partners, and patrons). Likewise, community members want to feel known by the organizations they interact with. At Trestles, we dive into the intersections where our clients meet their communities, empowering intentional and thriving relationships that lead to experiences and environments where everyone feels less like strangers.

About Us

We’re a design consultancy that works with high-growth entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies who want to create meaningful, lasting relationships with customers, staff, and partners. With our help, our clients tackle growth by identifying levers in human relationships: pain points, opportunities, and moments of truth; and turning those levers into solutions that drive profitability and brand loyalty. To create lasting impact, we provide coaching support throughout the entire implementation process. In our interactions, we equip our clients with a rich toolkit of methods in service design, authentic leadership, and business strategy.

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Our Team

We are a seasoned and passionate cadre of designers, strategists and innovation facilitators on a mission to create a more connected world. For us, creativity is an integral, messy process that leads to both chaos and order. Beyond that, our edge comes from our inspiration: helping others create powerful and profitable customer and employee experiences through authentic engagement.

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About Our Name

For generations, bridges and railroads have relied on trestles—small, strategically-placed temporary support systems—enabling safe passage over unstable terrain. Our name is inspired by this idea: a trestles model makes for smart transport. At Trestles, we aim to support your business goals by empowering you with the design principles, tools and methodologies you need to cross the bridge from ordinary to engaging. Armed with our framework for success, you’ll have the insight to forge ahead into new territories, not only with us but in our absence (and always with our support).

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