Customer Experience Audits

Customer Experience Audits

Customer experiences aren’t simply amorphous constructs; many times they are more important than the products and services you provide. In fact, 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. Is your customer experience helping you…or hurting you?

Customer experience is the single most important factor for business success, yet many organizations lack the tools to design and manage it. With a strong focus on service design, Trestles will help you audit your existing customer experiences to identify levers for growth and redesign. By integrating both physical and digital touchpoints, Trestles taps into new technologies and systems that make the initiative cost-effective and ROI-attuned.

Usability Consult

During this 6-8 week engagement, Trestles will conduct a qualitative research study to explore areas for improvement and identify issues to improve design, service delivery, and customer flow. Great for startups and small organizations looking to ensure that their offerings are user-friendly.

User research, Washington DC, 2014

Customer Journey Mapping Program

Learn methods for user research, process mapping and process redesign by applying them in-context studying your present-day customer experience. Participants walk away with an increased understanding of where and why mistakes and successes are happening across the whole customer experience. Great for enterprises looking to identify new product and service offerings and differentiate themselves in crowded marketplaces.

Education Design Lab Journey Mapping
Education Design Lab Journey Mapping

Service System Audit

This one-month audit involves a deep dive into your internal operations responsible for delivering exceptional customer experiences. (more details coming soon!)

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